During these days, the first days of school started and for this reason, Falconara Zoo, like every year, re-proposed another two weeks of summer camp at the zoo….. because a bit of creativity and fun is needed before facing all those books and homework. And so from the 29th August to the 9th September, our small visitors juggled with the discovery of the migration routes made by birds and the particular world of the reptiles.

In the first week, they learnt about the mysterious migration of birds like swallows, that leave Europe to go back to the warmth of Africa. Thanks to little hats made in the form of flamingoes, swans made from plastic bottles and lots of decorated paper made by the kids themselves, they were transformed into colourful birds ready to fly with their imagination until springtime!

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 The second and last week of the 2011 summer camp in the zoo, was dedicated to the discovery of the world of reptiles. Getting to know lizards, crocodiles, tortoises and snakes with the use of graphic pictures, flash cards, finds and handicrafts, like for example a pencil holder made in the shape of a snake. The week was enriched by the presence of the Herpetologist Gabriele Achille who allowed the children a once in a lifetime experience: a close encounter with different species of snakes.

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