FALCONARA ZOO is a modern zoological garden located in the municipality of Falconara Marittima, in the province of Ancona.
Founded in 1968, it covers about 60,000 square meters on a beautiful hill facing the sea.
It houses about 200 specimens belonging to different species including Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles.
The Zoo is a member of the Italian Union of Zoos and Aquariums (UIZA) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).
The Park participates in the European Programs for Endangered Species (EEP), collaborates in research projects with Italian universities, and supports conservation campaigns in favour of endangered species, the habitats in which they live, and the sustainable development of local communities.

Falconara Zoo was inaugurated in 1968 by a private initiative.
Built on the hill of Barcaglione, where at that time only cultivated fields extended, in just over a year the park became a true natural oasis, thanks to the grafting of over 15 thousand plants.
Born under the name  "Children's Country" in order to entertain children and families with a playground, fairy tale houses, and farmyard animals, the Park began to evolve into a more ambitious project when, in 1974, the first lion arrived. It was then that the "Country of Children" began to transform itself into a real Zoological Garden.
In 1980 the structure officially entered the UIZA circuit (Italian Union of Zoos and Aquariums).
In 1990 it started its own Educational Section, which is now extremely popular for educational activities designed for schools and which gives the structure the important role of an education centre for nature conservation.
In 2003 the Country of Children changed its name in line with the new mission it had assumed, becoming the “Parco Zoo Falconara”.
Since 2006, the Zoo has been a member of EAZA, the association that brings together the best zoos and aquariums in Europe and which develops reproduction programs for animal species ex-situ, that is, outside natural environments. EAZA promotes collaborations among its members for scientific research and conservation projects in nature (in situ).

In 2018, with the arrival of two Okapi specimens (a large African mammal),  Falconara Zoo, coinciding with the celebrations of its 50th anniversary, managed to mark another important milestone: to enter the sphere of the most important European zoological collections, which are engaged in the conservation in nature of this now very rare and endangered species.

We are member of:

EAZA - European Association Zoos and Aquaria  - Associazione Europea Zoo e Acquari - www.eaza.net

UIZA - Unione Italiana Zoo e Acquari - www.uiza.org 

EduZoo - Gruppo di Lavoro degli Educatori degli Zoo Italiani - www.uiza.org/eduzoo

SPECIES 360www.species360.org

ANMS - Associazione Nazionale Musei Scientifci - www.anms.it


We partecipate to

EEP European Endangered Program 


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We are members of:
logo uiza 2013Membro di - EDUZOO Educare per conservare

Membro di EAZA - European Association of Zoos and Aquaria

logo species 360 Membro di - ANMS Associazione Nazionale dei Musei Scientifici
Partecipiamo a: EEP European Endangered species Program