EduZoo is the working group specifically set up by the Italian Union of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums which, through annual meetings, aims to implement a series of educational strategies aimed at:
✅ arousing interest in the natural world,
✅ encouraging  awareness of conservation issues,
✅  making people understand the importance of protecting nature, in the broadest sense of the term.
This difficult and stimulating mission is achieved through the use of teaching methodologies that leverage a creative and playful approach capable of stimulating the participation and learning of all those who attend these meetings and workshops.

Environmental education campaigns promoted by UIZA and carried out by the EduZoo working group:

Upside down forests arise from the need to inform and raise awareness of the delicate issue of forests.
The emerged forests occupy 4 billion hectares of global surface, about 30% of continental surfaces, but they are not the only ones, we must also add all those forests that are partially or completely submerged, such as mangroves or kelp forests. We can therefore find forests both below and above water level.
The forests themselves are upside down, turned upside down due to the strong anthropogenic pressure. It is estimated that an area equal to a football field is destroyed every 2 seconds and the causes of deforestation are mainly related to the illegal timber trade, the spread of intensive livestock farming, and the need to have new areas dedicated to agriculture.

The theme of this campaign is poaching, still today one of the most important threats to the survival of animal species.
Our country is often the scene of poaching actions and timely reporting to the authorities can in many cases make the difference for the protection of the species involved.
On the other hand, when we go abroad, our attention to the purchase of souvenirs can weaken the illegal trade in animals and their derivatives.

Parrots, turtles, squirrels, and small fish ... aliens, invaders? Who would have thought that!
This campaign was founded in 2014 to inform and sensitize visitors to the Zoological Gardens (through activities, workshops, panels, and posters) on the important issue of invasive alien animal/plant species, a problem raised internationally also by the European Union, which estimates that there are about 10,000 alien species present on our continent.

UNA GIORNATA CON MIC: Millepiedi, Insetti and Co. "A DAY WITH MIC: Millipede, Insects, and Co."
The EduZoo working group wanted to dedicate a day to the memory of a dear friend, Micael, passionate about natural sciences and a great invertebrate expert who for years had worked with them and for them. The festival dedicated to Micael Bolognesi takes place every year on the last Sunday of May in various zoos throughout Italy. This day becomes an opportunity to get to know Millipedes, Insects & Co up close, i.e. the world of invertebrates which together make up 95% of animals on Earth. It is a world that is extremely rich in biodiversity, made of extraordinary colours, extravagant shapes, and unusual behaviours. A day with MIC takes place every year on the last Sunday of May.

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