For more than ten years the Park has actively participated in EAZA campaigns (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) of which it is a member.
These campaigns are aimed at disseminating the problems associated with the conservation of species at risk of extinction in nature. Each Zoo participating in the campaign actively contributes through fundraising possible thanks to its visitors.

WHICH FISH? 2020-2021
76% of the world's catch is over-exploited. 8 billion kilos of unwanted fish are thrown away every year. If this trend continues, food fishing could collapse by 2050.
It's time to start wondering ... "Which fish do I choose?"
This campaign aims to highlight the impact that human activities based on trade have on the conservation of marine species. 

Songbirds in Asia are threatened with extinction due to over-exploitation and deep-rooted exploitation for trade, singing competitions, export, traditional medicine, and their use as food or pets. This campaign aims to save these birds by increasing knowledge, awareness, and commitment to take action for their conservation within and outside the zoo community. The Silent Forest campaign is the first EAZA conservation campaign that focuses primarily on birds, especially Southeast Asian songbirds.

LET IT GROW 2015-2017
The "Let it grow" campaign was launched together with two other European scientific associations: BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International) and ECSITE (European network of science centres and museums). The purpose of the campaign is to protect the biodiversity of our home, promoting the possibility of growth and development of wild plants typical of our natural environments, to recreate the original ecosystems. Anthropogenic pressure, strong urbanization, agriculture, and the introduction of plants and animals of alien species, that is, from places other than those of origin, seriously endanger the survival of the biodiversity of our territories. Thanks to small daily actions, this negative trend could change course. It is worth a try! We “let the plants and animals of our territory grow”.

POLE TO POLE 2013-2015
A campaign launched to make all people aware of the effects of climate change. We often hear about this problem, but what can we actually do? There are small gestures that each of us can make to help reverse the trend: pull the plug, " You pull the plug" too!

EAZA has launched a campaign to raise awareness and support scientific research in favour of the conservation of European Carnivores. The presence of predators in nature is synonymous with the well-being of an ecosystem. Man often considers them a threat to livestock and their safety and consequently hunts them or aspires to eliminate them from their place of life, with serious damage to the environmental balance. EAZA zoos, therefore, set out to promote the protection of these endangered animals and the coexistence of humans with these species.

This awareness campaign launched to raise funds for the protection of biodiversity and the population of Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world and a place rich in biodiversity, of global importance for the exclusivity of its habitats.

This campaign was promoted to involve European zoos and their visitors in the conservation of rhinos. The campaign's goal is to raise funds to support rhino conservation projects, both in Asia and Africa and to provide information on the threats that these animals close to extinction face in the wild.

This campaign was conceived to safeguard the tiger species that still populate the environments of our planet. The Tiger is "endangered" (Endangered), as shown by the Red List of species at risk of survival, drawn up by the World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The main causes of the dramatic reduction of this species in nature are the destruction of its habitat, hunting for commercial purposes, and the use of various parts of the body of these animals in oriental medicine.

This campaign, one of the first launched by EAZA, aimed to collect a million signatures in all European zoos to ask the Heads of the African States and the European Union itself to stop the illegal trade in bushmeat (such as gorilla and chimpanzee), commonly referred to as "Bush-meat" (meat that comes from the African bush), and to sensitize Zoo visitors to the extremely negative impact that this trade has on the survival of the populations of many wild species.

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