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From 6 to 29 August at the RistoZoo Falconara

Is it necessary to have a Green Pass?
Yes, the restaurant only has indoor tables, so you must have a Green Pass to access the buffet area.

How does it work?
At the entrance to the venue, show your digital or paper QR Code affixed to your green certification and the staff will verify its validity using the "VerificationC19" App
For children under 12 there is no obligation to have a green pass

If I don't have a Green Pass, can I have a buffet lunch?
No, the RistoZoo Falconara only has indoor tables, therefore it is not possible to use them for those who do not have the Green Pass.

Is it possible to take away?
Yes, you can only take away the kids menu (pasta with tomato sauce, chicken nuggets and chips) at a cost of 8 euros.

Can my child who is under 12 eat at the buffet if I don't have a Green Pass?
No, the RistoZoo Falconara only has indoor tables, therefore even staying inside the restaurant is not possible for those who do not have the Green Pass.

Why has RistoZoo Falconara adhered to the Green Pass?
The Green Pass is not "adhered to", it is a legal obligation to be respected (Law Decree n.105 of 23 July 2021).
For those who violate, there is an administrative  sanction that goes from € 400 to € 1000 for both the restaurant and the diner, and the risk of the closure of the restaurant.

RistoZoo Falconara is a newly opened restaurant situated near the Parco Zoo Falconara, a few kilometres from Ancona.
It is large and has been completely restructured, and can hold up to 80 people. It is easily accessible by car and there is a big parking space available. 
RistoZoo is a restaurant that is ideal for families and is a welcoming and dynamic place to eat. The menu offers dishes that are mainly local. There’s also a ‘puppy menu’ for our smaller guests. There’s also a ‘ Mum’s Corner’ , where there’s a microwave and a baby bottle heater.
One particularity is that the restaurant uses only biodegradable plates and glasses . There are two types of materials used at RistoZoo: PLA, which comes from corn-starch, and the cellulose pulp, produced through special treatment of fibres from wood.
From April to September the restaurant is open daily at lunchtime, with the possibility of a take away service, and every Sunday and holiday there’s a buffet lunch at a fixed price for adults and children.
On our Facebook page, RistoZoo you can find out about various events dedicated mainly to families.

RistoZoo Falconara
Via Castello di Barcaglione, 10
60015 - Falconara (AN)
T 071911312

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