Currently, Falconara zoo supports the following conservation projects for the protection and safeguarding of biodiversity: Okapi Conservation Project, Cheetah Conservation Fund, and Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
For more than ten years the Park has actively participated in the EAZA campaigns (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) of which it is a member. These campaigns are aimed both at the conservation of endangered species and the habitats in which they live and at promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.

Falconara Zoo carries out educational activities aimed at a wide audience, from children to adults, from schools to families, thus having the opportunity to promote and sensitize its visitors to environmental education.
It is a reference educational centre where you can meet animals, get to know them and learn how to protect them.

Research is one of the objectives of  Falconara Zoo, which is why it has collaborated with various universities, offering students the opportunity to carry out their three-year, masters, or higher-level thesis. Through collaborations with universities and scientific organizations, it is possible to deepen knowledge in the biological and ethological fields.

Animal welfare
In order to ensure an adequate quality of life for the animals housed,  Falconara Zoo respects the biological needs of each species, offering them suitable living environments, nutrition designed for each species, and specialist veterinary care.

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We are members of:
logo uiza 2013Membro di - EDUZOO Educare per conservare

Membro di EAZA - European Association of Zoos and Aquaria

logo species 360 Membro di - ANMS Associazione Nazionale dei Musei Scientifici
Partecipiamo a: EEP European Endangered species Program