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Le domeniche a tema di Ottobre 2018


OKAPI, la giraffa delle foreste


Parco Zoo Falconara is open:
 from April to September every day from 9.00 am to 7.30 pm
March and October is closed on tuesday from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm
February and November only Sunday (weather permitting) from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
January and December is closed

The ticket office closes 60 minutes before the closure of the park.

For information: 071 911312 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

An ‘’Angel’’ at the Zoo

Monday 28th March, Easter Monday was an emotional day for the visitors to Falconara Zoo thanks to the birth of a baby camel ((Camelus bactrianus).
Mother Clara, not bothered about the amount of visitors present at the zoo there to enjoy Easter Monday in the open air, decided that the time was right, and after a gestational period of 12-13 months, she gave birth to her little one. Angelo is his name.
Many visitors stayed in front of the enclosure for a long time, to see him take his first steps and watch his parents take care of him.
Angelo will be breastfed for about a year, the necessary time to form his distinctive humps, important reserves of fat, of which he is without at the moment. 



Primo lieto evento dell’anno 2018

Il Parco Zoo Falconara festeggia il primo lieto evento dell’anno con la nascita di un cucciolo di zebra. Un fiocco azzurro che rimpie di gioia e soddisfazione gli operatori della struttura.

Il cucciolo appartiene alle zebre di Pianura, come la mamma e tutti gli altri esemplari presenti al Parco Zoo Falconara. Questa particolare specie è caratterizzata dal manto a larghe strisce bianche e nere, che si estendono anche sul ventre con la presenza di zone d’ombra tendenti al marrone. La disposizione delle strisce è unica per ogni animale, proprio come un’impronta digitale. Questa particolarità consente alla mamma di riconoscere il suo cucciolo.

zebra zoo 2018

Pink or Blue?

We have a new arrival at the zoo........ this time from the Zebra family.
The Zebra that are at Falconara Zoo belong to the Equus burchelli species, they have a particular mane, formed by large black and white stripes that reach their stomach, with areas of a brownish shade.
The new arrival, its sex still unknown, managed to stand up a few minutes after being born, and was ready to run along with its mother 30 minutes later.
The baby Zebra is being constantly looked after and fed and is easily recognizable thanks to its inimitable striped mane. Every Zebra if observed with attention is  unique as its mane acts like a ‘fingerprint’, therefore, no two are alike.


Ebbo has arrived

A new guest has arrived: Ebbo

Ebbo is 9 years old and is a male Lynx (Lynx Lynx), from Munich Zoo.
He has settled in really well in his new enclosure and is starting to get familiar with Carmen, a 4 year old female, who had already been with us for some time!

P1030078 P1030105

Pink and Blue ribbons at Parco Zoo Falconara (AN)

Alex and Serena, our young lion couple have become parents. Their family now has three very sweet cubs. Leo, a male and Bea and Zoe the female. Captivity doesn't modify the natural instincts of animals and in fact the new mum is jealously taking care of her little ones which she keeps 'hidden' in the internal part of the enclosure. The cubs are growing well thanks to Serena the lioness. Soon we will be able to see them playing and teasing their dad Alex.

  6    leoni

But they aren't the only newborns in the zoo.
Spending a day walking around the zoo it is possible to meet Bella the donkey, Peter, the little goat (both born about a month ago) and all the 'expectant' mums.

The ‘miniature monkeys’ have arrived.

We have three new guests: The Callimico
These new animals are three males of 11, 6 and 4 years old and belong to the Callimico species. Goeldi (Callimico goeldii). They come from the Polish zoo, Plock.
These South American monkeys are less than half a metre long (including their tail)
and weigh about 500-600 grams each.
A new area has been created at Falconara Zoo, studied and projected especially for their arrival.
DSC 0503 DSC 0499

The Caissara thank you all!

salvailleontopitecoSince 2011 Parco Zoo Falconara has collaborated with Parco Zoo Punta Verde to sustain the project SAVE THE CAISSARA.
Here at Falconara Zoo the campaign has taken place in the Educational Laboratory where, with the help of posters, gadgets, face-painting, masks and lots of other material the educational staff has introduced this South-American primate to its visitors.
It is THANKS to the contribution of all our visitors that for the 2013 season
3.010 euro have been devolved to the SAVE THE CASSARA Campaign.

For further information on this project:

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We are members of:
Membro di EAZA - European Association of Zoos and AquariaMembro di - EDUZOO Educare per conservare

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Membro di - ANMS Associazione Nazionale dei Musei Scientificilogo uiza 2013
Partecipiamo a: EEP European Endangered species Program

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