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Monday 28th March, Easter Monday was an emotional day for the visitors to Falconara Zoo thanks to the birth of a baby camel ((Camelus bactrianus).
Mother Clara, not bothered about the amount of visitors present at the zoo there to enjoy Easter Monday in the open air, decided that the time was right, and after a gestational period of 12-13 months, she gave birth to her little one. Angelo is his name.
Many visitors stayed in front of the enclosure for a long time, to see him take his first steps and watch his parents take care of him.
Angelo will be breastfed for about a year, the necessary time to form his distinctive humps, important reserves of fat, of which he is without at the moment. 



Two new Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus). have arrived at Parco Zoo Falconara. 
Azizi and Ayari are the names of these two young individuals hosted at the Zoo.
They are brothers of two years of age and come from Safaripark Beekse- Bergen in Holland.
The Cheetahs were born in capitivity in the Dutch structure and transfered to Parco Zoo Falconara thanks to a European programme for species that are at risk of becoming exstinct (EEP).
In nature they live in the African Continent and are considered the fastest land animals in the world, able to reach 110 km per hour in very few seconds. These felines have unique characteristics, like for example, claws that do not retract. Furthermore, the scientific name of the species jubatusmeans ' mane bearer', this is referred to the fur found on the younger animals' backs.

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We have a new arrival at the zoo........ this time from the Zebra family.
The Zebra that are at Falconara Zoo belong to the Equus burchelli species, they have a particular mane, formed by large black and white stripes that reach their stomach, with areas of a brownish shade.
The new arrival, its sex still unknown, managed to stand up a few minutes after being born, and was ready to run along with its mother 30 minutes later.
The baby Zebra is being constantly looked after and fed and is easily recognizable thanks to its inimitable striped mane. Every Zebra if observed with attention is  unique as its mane acts like a ‘fingerprint’, therefore, no two are alike.


bitonBiton has arrived at Falconara Zoo, he is a Giraffe from the Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata family. His mane distinguishes this particular sub species and is characterized by brownish-orange marks, separated by a very defined white line.

Biton is a young two-year old male who comes from a German zoo. His arrival has been welcomed enthusiastically by Falconara Zoo, which has the giraffe as its symbol on its logo. After a period of adaptation in the zoo, Biton met his companions: Cody 10 years old and Bjorn 8, who quickly welcomed the new arrival.

Biton came to Falconara Zoo thanks to the collaboration of EEP (European Endangered speciesProgram) and its giraffe coordinator. EEP are European programmes for reproduction in captivity of threatened species in order to guarantee their conservation. These programmes are coordinated by EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Acquatics) of which Falconara zoo is a member).

But...... not only Biton has arrived!

The first male of the 2015 season is about one month old, Mother Giulietta and Father Romeo, 2 species of Pony, lovingly take care of their little Trudi, who reminds one of a fluffy toy,he has started to take his first steps inside the Farmer's Courtyard under the ever vigilant eye of his mother.



Since 2011 Parco Zoo Falconara has collaborated with Parco Zoo Punta Verde to sustain the project SAVE THE CAISSARA.
Here at Falconara Zoo the campaign has taken place in the Educational Laboratory where, with the help of posters, gadgets, face-painting, masks and lots of other material the educational staff has introduced this South-American primate to its visitors.
It is THANKS to the contribution of all our visitors that for the 2014 season
3.190 euro have been devolved to the SAVE THE CASSARA Campaign.

For further information on this project:

Daddy Orazio and Mummy Clara introduce you to Nico, a three-week old male who follows his parents boldly around the enclosure.
This little one was born after an average of 12 months gestation and will be fed by its mother for about a year.
The camel (Camelus bactrianus) is an Asian animal with two humps, which are important fat reserves useful to these animals as sources of energy in the periods when water and food is scarse. Baby camels are born without them but not long after they start to form.

     IMG 45532  IMG 46074

The Nyala family (Tragelaphus angasii) has a new member for the second time.

After the birth of Comet, who is now about three months old, we would like to introduce you to Astra!!!
Astra is now a month old and she has started spending her days in the sun under the watchful eye of her mother Frieda.

AstraConMadre 2  IMG 8695




Parco Zoo Falconara join the international EAZA campaign"Pole to Pole"




This campaign is about the two Poles; the wonderfully varied species living there and the threats they face. A campaign focusing on EVERYONE and how small changes in our behaviour can help saving polar species.The Pole to Pole Campaign focuses on one, simple individual action: Pull the plug of electronic devices that are not in use.

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