bitonBiton has arrived at Falconara Zoo, he is a Giraffe from the Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata family. His mane distinguishes this particular sub species and is characterized by brownish-orange marks, separated by a very defined white line.

Biton is a young two-year old male who comes from a German zoo. His arrival has been welcomed enthusiastically by Falconara Zoo, which has the giraffe as its symbol on its logo. After a period of adaptation in the zoo, Biton met his companions: Cody 10 years old and Bjorn 8, who quickly welcomed the new arrival.

Biton came to Falconara Zoo thanks to the collaboration of EEP (European Endangered speciesProgram) and its giraffe coordinator. EEP are European programmes for reproduction in captivity of threatened species in order to guarantee their conservation. These programmes are coordinated by EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Acquatics) of which Falconara zoo is a member).

But...... not only Biton has arrived!

The first male of the 2015 season is about one month old, Mother Giulietta and Father Romeo, 2 species of Pony, lovingly take care of their little Trudi, who reminds one of a fluffy toy,he has started to take his first steps inside the Farmer's Courtyard under the ever vigilant eye of his mother.


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